Sunday, July 12, 2009

57 Girl Secrets..

PS: Don't believe me

Welcome to Venomous Venus.
Here's a sneak-peak into the world of damned dames.

Through this super-blooper face-book tag brought to you by gang-o-girls.

So shoot em all.
The questions.

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?
Just forehead?!

2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress?
Short party dress anytime biatch!

3. What would you do if you received a long love letter?
Write a longer one back.

4. Group dates or single dates?

5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
They always have different friends. Jerks.

6. Are diamonds a girls best friend?
Girls don't have friends.

7. Is your hair up or down today?
What hair?

8. Do you straighten your hair?
Don't need no straightenin' .

9. Favorite mascara?
The dark circle kind.

10. Do you get your nails done?
Guess so. You likey?

11. Small or large purses?

12. In your purse, what are your must haves?
My man's wallet.

13. Jeans or sweats?
Sweats ofcourse!
What was the question again?

14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable?
Only if my man asks me to.

15. Do you text message a lot?
I wld wnt u 2 ans tht 1st dawg.

16. How would you dump your boyfriend?
The one who looks like my dad?

17. Whats your favorite color?

18. Heels or flats?
xxx shoes.

19. What makeup could you not live w/ out?

20. Do you have cramps?
* whispers *

21. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?
I'm crying now.

22. Would you ever leave the house without make-up on?
Do I look stupid to you?

23. A man is gay if he..
is not weird.

24. What do you wear mostly?
Men's shorts.

25. Do you like preppy boys?
I like peppy cheese balls.

26. You like lip gloss?
I like glossy lips.

27. Do you own any big sunglasses?
My dark circles look like big sunglasses.

28. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
3 days.

29. Do you like to wear band-aids?
Who the heck wears band-aids for fun??
Ooh, but they are pink.

30. Do you like skater boys?
No. Skater boys are gay. Like who'd wanna sweep *himself* off his feet with girls around?

31. Gold or silver?
Platinum, you cheapo.

32. Do you like to receive flowers?
A champakali from Champak or Ali would be fine.

33. Do you like surfer boys?
The wet kinds?

34. Do you dress up for the holidays?
That's boring.

35. Do you like to wear dresseses?
Wtf are dresseses?

36. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?
1 and 10 being what exactly? Damn,I am confused.

37. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?
With a gang of them. \Soda/

38. Would you date a guy shorter than you?
Depends if he's looking up or straight.

39. Do you like to hold hands?
While peeing?
I saw two guys doing that the other day.

40. What is the youngest you would date?
How young is legal?

41. What is the oldest you would date?
As long as he's not tired or retired. err.

42. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?
That his breath usually smells.

43. What is the worst feature in a guy?
That he usually smells his breath.

44. What is the best feature in a guy?
That he is a guy.

45. Is it hott when guys sweat?
I'm guessing it must be hot. Since they are sweating.

46. Do you like making eye contact?
With what?

47. Would you kill for chocolate?
Chocolate or chocolaty boys. Sure.

48. Would you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy?
I'd rather spend half a day/night getting him drunk. no?

49. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping?
Better than Disneyland. Unless you're shopping at Disneyland. That'd be orgasmic.

50. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show?
Gossip girls? Like The Gossip Girls? Are you frigging kidding me?!

51. Do you yell a lot?
Slap. Girls don't yell.

52. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?
Sweatpants. It sounds nice.

53. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
I used to, this one time. Then I told him I'll see him later. He wasn't good enough for me. I mean. He was a punk. Can I make it anymore obvious. Totally. I mean.

54. Do you fall in love easily?
At the drop of a hat. Bald or no bald.

55. Do you often wish there was something you could change?
Yes. This question.

56. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems?
Lost in your arms, I feel divine..
You're like my brand of wine..
Yes you're mine. Oh yes,you're mine..
OMG. again,what was my line? o.0

57. What do you think is best about being a girl?
That I got to write this post. Seriously. No kidding. Thankyou.

Believe me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Teenie ME!

"So,you will be turning sixteen?"
"Hmm,will have to."[But you can start with your dose of anti-sixteen pills,now]
"How does it feel?"
"Nice."[Now,can I swallow a pill I mean?]
"You should know,beta..this is a very crucial stage of life.Beware!"
"Okay"[I'm sure you've spent years perfecting that sneer,aunty.]
"So,I was gotta overcome the upsurge of your hormones."
"I'll try"[My foot.]

A kinda conversation which always puts my back up...and specially when it comes from people who just can't help but open their foul mouths in a public place.just to show
->When they were your age,they had full control over their outburst of emotions.[or maybe @ 16 they were 60]
->That you should try to follow
their footsteps and be oh-so-grateful for this sound advice.[More of sound,less of advice.]
->The kind of people who usually think,anything
modern is automatically BAD.
->And again the kind of people,who will be the
first one to laugh their guts out,if you end up making any blunder.

Wonder why Teenie rhymes so well with Tiny,yet its not as half as innocent as it sounds.Or maybe its effect is just masked under the gravity of wildness.
Babies look even more innocent to me when they do some thing wild.

Grow up.
The Scene changes.

The most interesting part is the Interval.
So,let April,2008 be that very part for me.

28th March:

Me:Yay,the Boards get OVER.Finally.
Aditee:So,any vacation plans you have made?
Me:Yes,ofcourse.I will make sure I've fun.Real fun.I want to know as much as I can.
[I guess,that should've been 'know

Aditee:Know what,you've changed.

Oh and I couldn't agree better.For the better/worse? I was curious.

Having asked a whole lot of people regarding the visible difference in me-

You have changed just the way we have.More confused.More hot headed.Always want to be left alone.

[insert name]:"You think,I should be grateful to you?"
[insert me]:"I haven't had much faith in miracles"

I got mixed opinions from all friends...and the most surprising one was..
"You never existed for me"

I wondered..why with just a group of 50 people in a class,I had actually never tried to know all of them.Made different sets of friends.
->Some were my agony aunts.[Oh yes.There were Aunts in our class too and I am not ONLY talking about marwaris.]
->Some made me feel,My life was a smiley-faced TV Sitcom.(There's a whole lot of admiration for such people who can step back and laugh at themselves.)
->Some made me realise my assets and liabilities.
->Some who played good critics.[Critics who are prone to exaggeration even when they sing your praises.]
->Some made me feel that I hate my school life,badly.
->Some who made me assured,that there's nothing as good as being bad.
plainly admired me.[When I never bothered to return the compliment.]
->Some taught me the art of gossiping.
Pallavi:No Gurneet,That comes naturally to you. ;)
[As we called it "Spicy News"]
->Some who remembered me during recess.(Tiffin,please?)
->Some who remembered me just before exams.(Gurneet, solve this doubt for me.)
->Some who just existed.

I could be any of them.But after having talked to my friends,I knew one thing for sure..
My spontaneity might lead people to miss out on the sensitivity inherent in my personality.


Mumma,told me more than I had asked for.Besides being a mother she is a Virgo too.I should've understood that before. :|

Mom:"Yes,you've changed.I am happy,you have.Thanks to me who suggested you to have an eyebrow pluck.Look,how clear your face is now.You look better than before.Taken after me,that is.
But what's bad is,you have made a life of your own.You wake up,lock your room and start dancing.Why don't you pamper yourself? Look at your cousin,she always takes care of her skin.
You've started back answering me.You only listen to English songs,now a days.You are getting away from your folk.Just gaining knowledge online,won't do you any good.Hit back to reality.Or,I have other ways.*pretends to snatch away the modem*
Have you ever helped me in kitchen? Ever seen,how your Dad demands for immediate food,once he comes home? That's what.You can't impress your husband,if you can't satisfy his stomach."

I started off,by making
First paratha:Rolled it.A mosquito landed outta nowhere.Crushed.Red paratha.Could be tasty :

"Leave it.You are good for nothing.Just get outta here"

Tea-With Ginger and Basil.With/without Sugar.Little Milk.Learned.Yay.

"So,now what? You think...that's enough? Your mother-in-law will eat Maggi and Sandwiches which you make?"

Tried cooking some more.Period.

Right after having talked to my friend on phone,
Me:Mom,don't listen at key-holes.You can come in.
Mom:When one gets an uncooperative daughter in the extreme,one has to be resourceful.

I am a Daddy's Girl"

Dad:You have changed.Remember the time,when you watched news with me? We used to travel around the world through our discussions.Now..only when I order for chicken do you sit with me.(huh? Some things will never enter my head) But its fine.I just have one thing to complain.Please don't talk like an express train. : Oh and I feel proud,when I see you taking out your helmet and starting your vehicle.I don't want to see you in suits. Jeans and short skirts,would do.That's it.

My Sounding Board.My Pride-Sis.

Di:"Sitting here,I've had numerous moments of wishing to have someone to talk to,without being bothered by the thought of being judged in return.Loads happen in college,which I wish I could share with you all the time...but just doesn't happen on phone.I'm sure you must've become quite used to being on your own,without me influencing your decisions,which is great.So all I am trying to ask you for is,you not 'MINDING' the way this is going to happen.Just have faith in me.I find it essential to demonstrate my attachment's depth to you,because I think it is inspiring to know that someone ,so relentlessly like to live,because of you.So I do.Enjoy your adolescence.You deserve dressing up to your worth.If you want to tell me,how much you love me..just do one thing.."Take Care".Love ya gorgeous,muaah."

Couldn't ask for more! Felt like that,never before.

->You type less now a days.
->Innocence Wildest.
->You've stopped replying to my scraps.
->I hate being ignored,Rimmy.
->Na,You're just the same girl whom I've known dancing and rhyming.
->Why do you remain so confused now a days?
->You need Mentos. :|


Astro:You need to be calm and learn to compromise.Don’t let emotional or personal matters interfere with what you must complete.Get involved in group activities.A serious look at how you can reform something about yourself that you don’t see as functioning well will put you in an authoritative position.Don't overreact.Don’t take on too much or make promises that you won’t honor. You have to avoid getting in the line of fire or meddling in other people’s affairs. Arguments won’t solve problems they will only make matters worse. Rethink your strategy.

All these opinions kept echoing through my mind,last night.I realised,I forgot to take mine.

Me:This is the time when you feel stuck at a point,from where a single step forward or backward is a whole new world you would secretly like to discover but force yourself to think you can't/shouldn't. Childhood has closed it doors for you while Adulthood hasn't opened them yet.All you wanna do is let go but something always restricts you.You have this sudden urge to do something out of the box.Your Heart rules over your Head.While your head spins,you feel that's where your heart lies.Just this moment you thought,you have had the best time ever ..yet you find yourself screaming "When will this ever end?"..You actually start living a life of extremes.Very odd as it sounds,you crave for a proportional life.As if,you want to use your accelerator and brakes just at the same time. Where you is ME.

->I am confused
->Hell! I dunno.
->I am doomed.
->My head's spinning.
->There's something am confused.What did I just say? huh? Uff,leave it.
->See,actually I meant to say..that..a..a...a..arre,that only.
->Shut UP!
-> :|

If these were my statements[which they are]
Then..a crazy god has rightly told me,"WOW! This is what we call amazingly annoying"
As my beauty-conscious cousin would've put it,"Reems,Like could've wrinkles.Think about it."

All the assessments were crude,but basically true.

Acting with the sense of some adolescent in the grip of hormonal overload,could be a challenging task.Heh.

Random Thought:This year my birthday cake will be the shape of a big question mark.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

La La Land...

Beneath the crimson rays of the burning zone
There,he begins his journey,all alone..
Climbing over the dunes spangled with ipomea,on the seaside..
The soft morning light he enjoys,while on his ride..
Birds flying out of the casuariana tree..
All seem to tell him,they've the power to be free..
Flute-voiced drongoes,cutting through the air..
Frisking and flirting,giving a blue-black glare..
And there he stops by a pond,with a dirty stare..
Seeing women giggling as they send up showers of water,wondering..what a bond they share!
The lane becomes dusty and rutted now..
And comes along a Magic Man with his trumpet and the pious cow..
His magenta turban struggling to shine in all that dust..
And he wears a look,as if protesting for his life oh-so-unjust.
Oh! There he is riding beneath the girdle of pearls,to understand..
the mysteries of love and life,in the Never never Land..

Saturday, January 5, 2008

An Ode to School Life!-(Part I)

\In Thy Light,We See Light/

These are the golden words,you get to see the moment you enter the premises of the temple which has celebrated golden jubilee of its existence,recently.I've been there,and seen that for 12*365 whole days now..[okay.I could've simply said,12 years..but did you know,I love multiplying beeg-beeg numbers.anywho..]and as I always claim I'm uniquely priviliged.really.
A child with a lollipop in her mouth,holding her parent's hands,when asked to speak out,makes an innocent face and sings aloud "yaayi re yaayi re,jor se **** aai re".Princi is impressed and the child is asked to join her, from next day,itself.This child was named Rony.[She was considered a He.She had fluffy cheeks and a shiny head.And ofcourse,loads of lollipops in her bag.]
Now Rony has metamorphosised into Reems.That took time.BIG time.Under action of pressure[no.not natural one.tch!]and heat[she worked it out]..she did transform,nevertheless.And all them oh-I-visit-temple-daily people,witnessed it.[Now She is considered a She.Her cheeks are not THAT fluffy any more.She is considered 'Miss Rapunzel',and she steals/snatches lollies from her juniors' bag]
That was all about ME,HE and SHE.[I could say much more.But I've to mention those who helped in the transformation.yes.]

This is my second home,where I've spent 11*365*6 hours,doing so much and still nothing as such.Coming to the section of people now,the ones allowed to wear colour dresses daily[in school].*cholorophyll look* Din't guess it?[They are the T's.If you guessed it,I can only say 'wow'and not give you a share of my pocket money.If you din't,you get the-T-spanking-curse].Many of my buddies[virtual and real] will agree.Them T's are mind-BLOWing.The selected few,who always manage to come up with something new.
My top-ten list,this. :P

1)Miss Ajanta-My favourite."Great things come in small packages".She justifies it totally.The pillar of our school.She has got the gift of the gab.The most integral part of an English medium school,if you guess what she teaches.The benignant smile,she gives when you wish her.The way she tries to shout at you continuously just to make you realise,that she can't get angry.Not a single class,has she taken.. when the student's have NOT kicked buckets[well,desks :s-] laughing.Giggling to Glory,as she terms it.And did I tell you,she is a Libran,too? :P

2)Miss Pande-Be it the Ram-Sita,Radha-Krishna and Nala-Damayanti stories..or the lessons of patience,courtesy and hard work.She has given us all,through her Hindi classes.Her love for perspiration does give me inspiration.You can't yawn in her class.Never.She has some rules which she strictly adheres to.And we respect her for that.
""Antar mera viksit kar de,hey AntaryamiNirmal kar de,ujjwal kar de.."

3)Miss Goswami-Pleasure to learn from her..A strict disciplinarian.Students like us,really need her.

4)Miss Shreza-Perfect handling with numerals."Be it the number of years you live,number of marks you earn in your report-card,number of times you remember the Almighty,number of figures you add to your salary,number of drinks you can make,number of chickens you count in your basket,number of cells which divide and multiply in your body for your growth,ex cetra..Students,it all deals with numbers.Some things.Actually many things in your life,are vague.random.pointless.But direction is needed.Numbers are my stars.Maths,after all is not THAT hard/easy.Practice,it needs.Practise,we don't."*smiles* Had lovely time,with her as a class teacher.

5)Miss Nupur-Got an acid tongue and an alkaline sense of humour.With pink tops in one year and yellow in another,blue tip-top clips and purple saree.She is termed trendy in our school.The boding tremblers could say much more about her.Good in her subject chemistry,nevertheless.

6)Miss Rita-Typical bongo accent,for which I just love her.Recently,I am all curious about the systems of Human body.Thanks to her.From hypothalamus to tympanum,pituitary to pancreas,transpiration to photosynthesis,cell division to population,acromegaly to cretinism..she has taught us all.And them ALL,very well

7)Miss Gauri-Baba Ram Dev Bhakt.Seriously believes,coca-cola is a toilet cleaner.Great with her facial expressions.She has loads of things to tell us,always.Calls me "StupidA gal" and she can even slap you and then ask,"Thappad Khayegi?" :-S

8)Miss Monalisa-Lover of Nature and the laws it follows.Has given us the real need of 'Physics' as a subject in our study curriculum.Petite and pretty.A brilliant Odissi dancer.When she stares at you for more than 5 minutes,you can make out that she is gonna throw any object she has in her you.And that,she always does.I have been the victim of JUST a chalk.Many of my buddies,have faced pencil-boxes and dusters too.But hey,the teacher is nice.Our Mona Darling.

9)Miss Bindu-The one who takes 45 minutes to correct my notebook or examination sheet.The one who loves each and every word with "Y" at the beginning.Never hesitates to say that she is gonna teach us about "U.N.O"[erm,"You-Yen-Yo"] or "U.S.S.R"[okay,"You-yes-yes-Yaar"] just when she had promised to take us out for games.Argumenting with her is always fun.She can also take History classes,when the clock strikes 5 in the morning.Without yawning once,that too.

10)Miss Sumi-Oh!She can yawn,very well.She is the only teacher who can confess,that yes,"I don't like teaching Geography"..But still she teaches.Haw!
Her classes are worth bunking."Ma'am,may I go to toilet/library?"[and come back,after your class?].."Err,erm,uff,aargh.Phaaeene[She is fine].Go"
I have come-across some strange names of tributaries,ranges,peaks.,which she has learnt by-heart.Them being "Varna,Pravara,Manjra,Pranhita,Koyna,Panchaganga,Dudhaganga";"Maikala[I am black? =O],".^Looks like,I have learnt them too :-S

Okay.So Them were the T's.All good.[Keeping in mind..that Evil is the new good today.-Times of India] :P

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Art of Science

Recently,I've managed to interact with many people.All of the opinion that I've a philosophical bent of mind.Okay.Not okay.Erm,maybe both. :-S

Special Thanks to Abhijith for his worth-a-thought questions.
Here's my take on them.[With some contradictions,here and there..ofcourse]

Q1.What, in your view, is Philosophy? Is it of any relevance orpractical consequence? Is it, in your view, a religious or ascientific pursuit? What is your take, in short, on philosophy andphilosophers?
They say,there is no specific definition for the term 'philosophy',which hasn't been uncontroversial.I've always thought of it as the science of all sciences and art of all arts.Ever since man asked 'Why/why not?',this subject has begun. It surely has some relevance/practical consequence because the very aim of it is to evaluate things with reference to first principles that underlie them as their causes and are implicit in all experience. "Philosophy is spiritual realisation expressed in logical language." Agreed. Many tensions have been created because of the clash of 'religion and science',but at the end philosophy has been proved lame without either of these because at the end,It doesn't only appeal to the intellect of man but also to the heart and feeling.That's the reason why,many Priests and Scientists have bonded now to make further studies of unknown concepts.They share a symbiotic relationship since Faith and Logic,both are integral part of human nature. To sum it up,philosophy,in my view, can be:-1)An attempt to satisfy the very reasonable desire of knowledge.2)Something that makes us question the unquestionable3)A study of the understanding which comes from our observations.If we realise them,we know them as 'truth/reality'.Finally,we give it the essence of wisdom to make the best practical use of it.But in every defintion of philosophy mentioned above,I see that it leads to an 'activity of mind'.

Q2. Philosophy in everyday life- what are your sources? What aboutphilosophy from Pop culture? Books? Music? Religion?
For me,practising philosophy in everyday life results from falling in love with questions.The more inquisitve I become,the more I observe/experience/imbibe and the more I get to explore in this area.I'd also like to mention,that any kind of knowledge which I have gained hasn't only resulted from my 'own' experience,but also with the help of people whom I get to interact with,usually.
1)Books-The maximum I am able to gain from this source is usually limited to the books included in my school-curriculum.My library consists of books related to fiction,humour,mystery or fantasy.I don't like reading biographies,as such.So,books do have a small role to play in this area.

2)Music-When music is being talked about,I could bet it influences me to a major extent.It is the most abstract phenomenon,I have come across.It does appeal to the heart be it funky,cheerful,melancholic,dreamy,tense,nervy or emotional.Whenever I hear a beat,signals are automatically sent by the deep brain to my muscles.Dancing is instinct.Everything I think and do is so to say,musical.It is really the key to unlocking the secret of 'Who am I'.

3)Internet-The first thing which strikes my mind now is 'Google'.It surely can give libraries a run for their money,and it has in my case.Its been two whole years since I got introduced to the virtual world,and I've witnessed a huge change in my way of thinking.Be it the articles I get to read,The blogs/online diaries I go through or some selected people I talk to.Living at a place,which so many people havn't even heard about,and knowing things which were alien to me some months back,I couldn't ask for more!

4)Television-Since my reading capacity isn't really something to be proud about,'Actions do speak louder to me than words.'Leaving aside,daily soaps..I do get to see some great episodes, related to the functioning and developing of human mind,change and growth,etc.(say,discovery or national geographic).Thanks to my father,I am often acquainted with the daily news which still broaden my mind.But,I don't spend much time infront of that screen,so no full points to it.

5)Humour-The best way to imibibe concepts of philosophies which sometimes tend to get damn boring when this particular element is attached to it.Sarcastic humour is always welcome.It gives me enough appetite to digest those huge concepts which many a time,seem to be never registering my mind.SO,it works for me!

6)Extra curricular activites in school-I've always had an interest in debates and group discussions.The fact that on one topic, people bring out so many ways of forming opinions,really tempts me to know 'more'.
There are so many sources I could think of as such,but one thing I'd want to conclude with is,that Philosophy is of no use without practicality..just like some weird example I can think of,like potential without kinetic energy.This needs sixth sense,which I commonly refer to as common sense,which again comes with 'wisdom'-->and that is exactly what philosophy is all about.

Q3.One of the greatest questions in philosophy is the belief in asupreme power or God. What are your views on God as a concept? Do youbelieve in one? Why/ Why not? Why is such a belief necessary/unnecessary?
[With reference to the very first post of my blog "You better exist"]

Q4.Ethics, justice and morality- your views. What role does philosophy play in these matters. How right or wrong is it to impose these notions on another human being? Who decides and how to decide about the right and wrong in these matters? What about fanaticism-which is an extreme belief in your sense of Ethics, morality and justice?
There is, a branch of philosophy with ethics/moral values as its criteria.This whole concept of ethical choices is usually considered subjective because the distinction between right and wrong differs from person to person.But I guess,those choices are usually 'personal'.If,ethical choices were subjective,something called 'conscience' would never exist!In such matters,there is always a way out which is justifiable.Being a nice person doesn't neccessarily mean that a person is ethical.'Nice' is his reputation,'ethics' form his character.It's a common belief that ethics is situational,but I slightly differ.Ethics becomes situational only when it is based on one's convenience rather than conviction.That's the reason why we have 'standards/universal benchmarks.'This way I do oppose the statement,"Nothing is good or bad,thinking makes it so." No.This goes for people who say,'I made a right choice,your interpretation was wrong.'If its all about thinking,then Hitler wasn't wrong if he believed he was right.For instance,murder is wrong.That's a generalized statement unless it is in self-defense.This doesn't mean,it is okay to murder if you feel like it.Since morals aren't subjective,we have the right to put criminals in jail.Hence,I guess..this whole world is still continuing to run(if not smoothly) with the help of standards which it has set up for itself.
"One example is better than hundred precepts".Yes.I agree that it is wrong to tutor a person to tell the truth.People in general are intelligent enough to imbibe the virtues which they witness in others they come in contact with.Moral lessons are generally hard to swallow for even grown-up persons,let alone children.So,this way of teaching is not only unrealistic but also hypocritical.Its a tragedy that whenever a child is born,parents sit with a chart to chalk out his line of progress.Such rigid methods often destroy the valuable assets hidden in a person.Thus,to train a person through imposing of these notions isn't only unproductive but also counter-productive.
I prefer a fan to a fanatic.Fanaticism is a kind of misplaced enthusiasm which results when a person is over zealous and has no spiritual self-control.It has become a question of one's pride,which is false in every aspect.It is the fanaticism accompanying religion,because of which the latter is considered a cause of dispute amongst people.But at the end,the fault lies in the man.He has introduced this complexity in a very simple philosophy which was once started 'religiously'.It begins and ends with him.Thus,this extreme belief in moral values is indeed suicidal.

Erm,that's it.say,THAT's it. :P

Welcome 2008!